The inception and the need....

The most apt question for a new journal to be introduced as a subject is probably “Why a Journal for Dermatoscopy?” As known by all, the literal meaning of a journal is a regular dealing with matters of current interest related to a particular or specified group which leads to enhanced knowledge and improvised skills in the particular subject of interest. Dermatoscopy is rapidly making its place in the day to day scenario of dermatologists across the world dealing in skin, hair and nail disorders. At this stage, there is a definite need for structured, authentic and collected scientific material in the field to enhance the acumen in the subject for productive practice. The readers will notice some obvious novelty in the journal. A difference in format will help to reduce the quotient of boredom among the readers, we surmise.

The journal has been divided into specific sections and headings to provide a wholesome dermoscopic treat to the readers. Sections of photoquiz and general quiz on dermoscopy will help the readers, especially the post graduates and all other in knowing the distinct features of the disorders for the ease of diagnosis. Sections of dermoscopic gems and trichoscopic pearl in each issue discusses one salient feature in all its depths to know the in and out of the concept therein. There are dedicated sections towards trichoscopy, pigmentary disorders, inflammoscopy, entomoscopy and challenging scenarios. The concept of segment based articles has been done to give a holistic feed to the developments in various aspects of the subject. Stress is being given toward documenting the smallest of the smallest, new and authentic findings and innovations which can help to contribute significantly toward the evolving field of dermoscopy.

The biggest challenge that will be encountered in this steep journey of this journal is to meet the needs of the readers with quality articles relevant for day to day practice. Although, multiple articles are published in the international journals with regards to dermoscopy, their main focus of interest continues to remain as a group of disorders commonly not seen in the tropical countries. This journal aims to bring together a blend of articles from across the world to provide on the same platter a taste of different conditions capable of being diagnosed and monitored by dermatoscopy and the regional variations in their findings. The editorial team is a dynamic team of carefully chosen experts in this field with a keen interest in the subject whose valuable opinions, comments and criticism on the articles will not only help to enrich the quality of the articles but also lift up the standards and give further insights toward improvising and fine tuning the articles. Finally, We are herewith requesting your suggestions and comments to improve the outcome of the journal through the one of its kind facility of mailing to “”. we solicit your support to this journal in the form of innovative ideas for different segments of the journal, constructive criticism, contribution of your valuable research work and partnering with the journal in the form of reviewership or as a member of the editorial team.

We sincerely hope that this small but the maiden attempt toward this journey will be supported cherished and nurtured by the unending efforts of our contributors, readers and the editorial team. As Robert Frost said “And miles to go before I sleep....” Let this be the beginning to an unending quest of excellence and innovation in dermatoscopy!